Finding the right perfume is a bit like looking for the right trousers. To the lucky ones it will only happen after several attempts. Massimo Annunziata thought for a long time before giving life to his idea. Mine Perfume Lab, his very personal idea of ​​contemporary perfume, was born in 2017. Do not be fooled by the rock and somewhat rebellious look of the team, Angelo, Simone and Michele handle essences and stills with consummate experience.

Once upon a time in Italy…

The idea is simple, to bring the consumer closer to artisanal perfumery. A tradition that has its roots in 1300, with Venice as the European capital for perfumery. Choosing a perfume is a bit like choosing a dress. The fragrance should reflect your personality. That’s why Massimo and his team have decided to focus on simplicity.

Keep it simple!

Each fragrance is identified with its main ingredient, so that the consumer can choose what to wear. The whole collection simply smells of what is indicated on the label. No fancy names or lists of kilometer-long ingredients, what you smell is what it is. Understanding and appreciating every single fragrance becomes very simple, as well as choosing one or more.

All perfumes are cruelty-free and made in Italy, mixed by hand and with only natural ingredients. They do not stain and can be used on clothes because they do not leave marks. The labels can be customized and you can choose between different formats, according to your needs. Furthermore, thanks to the high concentration of pure essences, a few sprays are enough.

The choice is really wide, but if you want to get closer to the world of Mine Perfume Lab you can create a custom Sample Set. Just choose your favorite olfactory notes and compose your samples. You will have plenty of time to try your perfumes at home and, once you have chosen and purchased the most suitable one, the brand will refund you the price of the set.