It is called Athleisure and is the new frontier of sportswear. For some seasons now this fashion trend has been riding the most important catwalks. It’s a hybrid style that mixes sportswear with everyday clothes. If you think Athleisure means wearing CrossFit leggings to go to the office, you are wrong!


In the Athleisure style, sportswear rises to the rank of clothing for every day. Perfect for shopping, going to school, running to work. It is not just a question of comfort, because Athleisure follows very specific rules. In short, it is not simply a question of wearing t-shirts and leggings, perhaps picking them at random in the gym bag.



In Athleisure, nothing is as it seems. The tracksuit, for example, is glamorous, elegant. Forget the old models in polyester or acetate, the new frontier is cotton. Better if soft, maybe finished at Km0 and with an impeccable fit like that of haimēwy Project. Comfortable, practical and above all embroidered. It is worn with a turtleneck sweater, preferably in cashmere, as seen at Zara, and with a baseball cap, an indispensable fetish for every aspiring “athleisuristas”.

haimewy Project

The leggings go hand in hand with the fitted jacket and high heels. The jogging trousers, the one with the side bands, are perfect with a masculine maxi shirt as at Mes Demoiselles. Even the “bike-shorts”, the Lycra shorts that have been successful in Jane Fonda‘s videos, thanks to Athleisure gain a new dignity. Worn under a maxi sweater and an oversized double-breasted coat, also seen at Mes Demoiselles, are perfect for running to pick up the children from school.

Mes Demoiselles

The dance leotard becomes a perfect aperitif top, whether it is worn with refined pajama-pants or culottes. While leg warmers are the last trend for those who don’t give up on sandals even in winter.


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