This question is timely like every change of season. What will we wear during this winter? If your closet is as empty as your pantry when you return from vacation, keep calm and don’t panic! Here are the clothes and accessories that will set the trend. A small urban survival manual to face the 2021 cold season with style.

The padded jacket

Top winter fashion trends for 2021

Better if maxi and in a cocoon version like the Longchamp model. It wraps like a hug and protects like an armor. Perfect against the pitfalls of city life and seasonal ailments. For the bold also in fluo version!

The men’s coat

Winter 2021 fashion

Serious, rigorous and essential, it will help you through the winter with grace and nonchalance. And then you can slip in everything, from the sweater stolen from your boyfriend to the double-breasted jacket. For true metropolitan Valkyries.

The boyish jacket

Winter fashion trends

Straight lines and a confident attitude, the jacket is flowing. In tweed, wool or cashmere, there is no room for frills and frou-frou details. The fabrics are raw, the cut straight and the fit is very comfortable, like the model by Pomandère.

The shirt

Fashion trend 2021
Mes Demoiselles

Forget those slender shapes that take your breath away just looking at them. The shirt is oversized, so big it almost becomes a dress. It seems stolen from his closet, but looking carefully it is truly sensual and seductive. Worn alone, with leggings or joggers, as in Mes Demoiselles, is the showpiece of winter.

The romantic allure

Collezioni moda autunno inverno 2020 -21

If the top has a military look, the bottom is hyper-feminine. In the eternal game of contrasts, fashion moves agile. Feel free to dare insignia and lace, bold transparencies and high-necked sweaters, impalpable fabrics and soft and full-bodied fibers.


Tendenze moda autunno inverno 2020-2021

If you are a beginner, better bet on an accessory. A bandana or a hair ribbon will immediately give you the right allure. For the more savvy, however, the total look is a must, like that of TPN for its modern Blade Runners.

Jungle Fever

Moda inverno 2020-21

It is the alternative to black and white. The animalier has now fully entered the “great classics” of fashion. Snake, zebra, spots, stripes, the choice is really wide. Don’t worry, the risk of looking like you’re on a safari is very low. On the other hand, you will move proud and agile like gazelles in the metropolitan jungle.

Back to the past

Moda inverno 2021 tendenze

It is the subtle charm of the past, when there were mid-seasons, winter was winter and summer was hot. Fashion likes to retrieve old memories from the grandma’s trunk. Green light for velvet, moleskin, silk, fur collars and prints as seen by Malìparmi. After all, it’s like being a little kid again, but with more style.