There is the smell of the sea, sun, sand… And then flowers, aromatic herbs and wood, of course. It would seem an avante-garde restaurant, if it were not a workshop. Or rather a laboratory, where perfumes are created.

Laboratorio Olfattivo is a project by Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago. A company like many if its founders had not decided to change the rules. In 2009, with the economic crisis at the door, Roberto called together the most eclectic “noses” to create the collection.

In complete freedom, with no rules except one: tell a story. No sales forecasts or marketing strategies, only passion and the desire to share memories. Thus, emotions and experiences become fragrances.

Each perfume is an emotional experience, thanks also to the high concentration of Eau de Parfum (between 10 and 15%). While most competitors limit the use of essences, too difficult to find and expensive, Laboratorio Olfattivo uses them in abundance, of course.

The first twelve fragrances are born in 2009. In 2016 Laboratorio Olfattivo presents two new collections. Laboratorio in Nero, with its hypnotic and complex bouquets, and Laboratorio in Fiore, based on a mixture of flowers and green notes.

In 2017, Laboratorio Olfattivo launched its body collection, with a selection of shower gel and moisturizing milk. And in the same year, Distillato17 enriches the collection of room scents. Based on cognac, Distillato17 is an explosion of fruity, woody and liqueur hints. Soft, sweet, enveloping, an olfactory memory that will be difficult to erase.