Graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Pia Mariani is among the most innovative jewellery designers. Molisana by birth, but Milanese by adoption, Pia took her first steps in fashion in the 1980s. Her artistic vein takes shape in the creation of fabrics, advertising posters and in jewelry, of course.

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The Globe (Il Mappamondo) collection by Pia Mariani

But it is only in 1994, after a trip to Japan, that Pia decides to create her own brand. A production of gold, diamonds and stones jewelry strictly made in Italy. The Globe, one of her most iconic jewels, was born this way. A gold pendant depicting the continents with interchangeable diamonds and stones representing the oceans.

Gabriel collection by Pia Mariani

Change is a theme that recurs throughout the designer’s goldsmith’s production. The Five ring, for example, can be worn in five different ways. The search for new expressive codes pushed Pia to experiment, arriving with the Sheherazade collection to work gold as if it were lace.

La Regina collection by Pia Mariani

With La Regina collection, Pia leaves customers the possibility of composing a ring based on their personal taste, instead with Gabriel label she experiences the power of simplicity. Here a circle and the design of a pair of wings transform a five-pointed star into an angel.