Difficult times need exceptional people. The Covid-19 epidemic will leave deep wounds in the world, but also greater awareness. Nobody is alone and nobody can do it alone. And where the help of the other countries, busy with the emergency, does not arrive, Italian creativity takes care of it.

A reusable surgical mask

Greta Mariani, the soul of the Cotone® brand, has decided to convert the production of her tailoring workshop. Grappling with a new everyday life, her clothing label has given way to a collection of handmade surgical masks.

The MULTIMASK Rebecca F. x LIFC is a label of surgical masks made of double-sided cotton, washable and reusable. Dedicated to her daughter Rebecca, born with cystic fibrosis, the MULTIMASK are beautiful but above all smart. Once the emergency is over, they can be used as bandanas.

Greta has decided to donate the profit to the Italian Cystic Fibrosis League Lazio-LIFC. The association helps research and treatment of patients with this disease.