It’s called Reamerei® and is the brand born from the creativity of two young designers. Made in Italy, Reamerei® is a mix of different styles and inspirations. Fluid, dreamlike, provocative, the brand is characterized by a unique stylistic imprint.

More than a collection, Reamerei® is a visionary story, where the stylistic and expressive codes, borrowed from cinema and music, come together. The result is a long story made of ambivalences and contradictions. The oversized volumes wink at genderless fashion, while the prints, distorted and emphasized beyond belief, celebrate an unconventional beauty.

The space in which the body moves is deliberately altered. Even the body itself is now stretched now enlarged out of all proportion. A courageous choice to promote a new aesthetic sense and undermine the eternal male/female dichotomy.

Behind Reamerei® hide Enrico Micheletto and Maria Geusa, fans of fashion and anthropology. Attentive observers of new social and cultural phenomena, who try to communicate through clothing.

In this light, Reamerei® is almost a political and social laboratory rather than a simple fashion brand. Topics such as intersex and no-gender are the guiding thread of Micheletto’s creative vision.

The genderless issue, already developed by artists such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, and the concept of “heterotopia“, that is a space open to other spaces, find in Reamerei® a perfect synthesis.