Imelda Marcos was said to have more than 2700 pairs and that Lady Diana was a lover of vertiginous heels. It is undeniable that shoes exert an irresistible charm on women of any age and social condition. Last year Palazzo Morando dedicated an exhibition to Manolo Blahnik, the shoe-maker who made the shoes for most of the international jet-set.

Classic models: pumps

With the arrival of spring the desire to dare returns, even in accessories. And of course the feet are the protagonists. Among the essential models are the classic décolleté, in leather or suede, but in pop colors, inspired by the style of the 70s, one of the great seasonal trends. Alessandro Oteri, Italian designer, has created an iconic collection consisting of 5 models. Each model is declined in 15 pairs, this means that only 15 people in the world will be able to have the same type of shoes.

Alessandro Oteri “pop-pumps”

Mules, sling-backs & flip-flops

This spring sandals give way to mules, a true obsession for journalists and influencers. Fabio Rusconi‘s play with heels and colors. Even if the “kitty-heel” model of woven leather is the true cult piece to have in the wardrobe.

Fabio Rusconi mules’

For those who do not like excessive heels, there are sling-backs. Un Dimanche à Venise, an Italian luxury brand, has made an iconic model contemporary. Experimenting with unusual materials, such as PVC, and using jewel decorations and intense colors.

The Un Dimanche à Venise PVC sling-back

The flip flops, preferably made of fabric, handmade and decorated with floral and faunal motifs, are the perfect shoes for summer evenings. The Kallisté ankle model is inspired by the Hippie world, while the Swarovski crystal models of Sandali Corcione represent the best Capri tradition.

Kallisté “Hippie-mood” flip-flop

Ballerinas yes or no?

Hated by men, ballerinas are one of the best allies of working women. There are many models for spring. With polka dots, stripes, glitter or with bows, you are spoiled for choice. Although the Zara ones, with a square tip and buckle, is the best-selling model.

Zara “rock-mood” ballerinas

The combat boots deserve a separate discussion. Right for the winter season, they are also perfect in spring. Maybe in light fabric, like canvass, or in new trendy colors. If you want to discover more about the latest trends and the best shops in Milan, try our personal shopping service!