Alice Manfroni is a stylist. She creates stories through clothes, colors and accessories. She is behind the photo shoots that we see in the magazines. She lives a racing life, travels often and never stops. After all, fashion doesn’t wait. In February, with spring approaching, work is already underway on the next winter season.

Photo: Elisa Leaci

In these days of fashion shows, Alice runs from one part of the city to the other to follow the more than 180 events scheduled for the Milan fashion week. It is no wonder that, with such a hectic life, Alice found her balance in meditation.

Fashion and meditation

Here After, her line of essential oils, comes from the passion for travel, vintage markets and oriental philosophy. Seven essences that enclose her love for nature and yoga and the search for balance and harmony. These are mixtures of herbs and flowers that act deeply, releasing fragrant and calming notes for the mind and body.

The infusion of rosemary and eucalyptus, for example, regulates breathing, while myrtle and black pepper warm the soul. All products are organic and are designed to accompany meditation, thanks to their ability to instill well-being and stimulate the mind. The strong bond with the world of spirituality is also sanctioned by the chosen names which, as Alice explains, are the same ones created by the master Rudolf Steiner and discussed in the book “The Science of the Spirit”.

Meditation kit

In addition to the oils, Alice also created Palo Santo and Salvia Bianca. The first is a kit with four wooden sticks that can be burned to renovate the rooms or to inaugurate new spaces. Thanks to its intense and intoxicating perfume it gives positive vibrations. While the second is a bunch of dried white sage. It can be used as incense, to purify and make the environment comfortable and welcoming or to spread energy.