A perfume says a lot about the person who wears it. We can say it is our business card. In fact, 90% of communication is played on non-verbal signals such as appearance, voice, posture and even smell. There are fragrances that have now entered the collective imagination, such as Chanel N ° 5 or Dior’s Fahrenheit. Whose name alone is sufficient to evoke images of seductive women or manly men.

Liquid soap

But a perfume also says a lot about a person’s tastes. More enveloping and deep hints evoke the idea of ​​a self-confident and protective man, while bold and sparkling notes the image of an extroverted and dynamic woman.

Room fragrance

And it is certainly a sophisticated and original woman who chooses Pomandère Living products. The line of body care products, in fact, has a strong personality. The fragrances are intoxicating and spicy, full of lively and sweet notes. Soaps, bath salts and lotions have been formulated to persist in contact with the skin for a long time.

Bath salts

Alongside the classic combinations, such as amber, orange and cinnamon, or more spicy ones, such as black pepper and ginger, there is no shortage of unusual mixes. The scent of orange blossom together with cedar wood and mandarin gives an explosion of energy.

Ironing water

The intense aroma of coffee berries is combined with Patchouli to create a warm and intense embrace. While the delicacy of Iris meets the softness of talc to give soft and floral notes. In short, perfumes not only to wear, but above all to live.