There are people who tiptoe into your life and end up stealing a piece of your heart. Cettina Bucca is a rare pearl in a world of appearances. As passionate as her Sicily, she immediately captures you with her direct ways and sincere smile. A real smile, not the kind of circumstance you see printed on the faces at business meetings. Her exuberance overwhelms you, her knowledge of fashion, as well as astrology, fascinates you, so much so that you could spend hours listening to it.

The brand

When she talks about her brand, Cettina Bucca Emotional Couture, her eyes light up and you immediately understand that behind that “Emotional” there is much more than a marketing strategy. Emotion is the “red thread” that marks the whole creative process. From the idea, which arrives unexpected and often at night, to the creation of the dress. Her first encounter with fashion is early and has the features of a brown tulle and velvet dress. Cettina, a little girl with rebellious hair, wears it and understands that this will be her way. Thirty years later she designs it identically, the rest is history.

Cettina Bucca, SS20 collection


(Q) Good morning Cettina and Happy New Year! What do you tell me looking back to the past?

(A) Good morning! Everything that has passed gives us something, transforms us and allows us to grow. The past year has been complex, studded with difficulties and twists (such as the fracture in the humerus: Uranus and Mars have put their hand and me … the arm in it) but also very stimulating and preparatory for future projects. A basis for starting over.

(Q) How do you like to imagine the year that has just begun?

(A) I am thrilled to be able to think of sailing on unknown seas, proceeding calmly (not to fall again!) Towards a distant horizon. I would like to take on unthinkable challenges so far. The culprit is always Uranus who will remain in Taurus, my sign, for another five and a half years… I dare not ask myself what will happen! All, however, in the name of amazement and wonder.

A new beginning

(Q) Do you have any projects you want to share?

(A) The first is a new collaboration with a team of young Sicilian architects and craftsmen. We will create a project that combines art with sustainability and manual skills in a new way.

(Q) You are a fashion designer, but what relationship do you have with fashion in everyday life?

(A) I have always had a tragicomic relationship with fashion, very close to theatricality. I remember all the clothes wore in the unforgettable moments, even the sad or painful ones, of my life. Usually I dress according to the mood, putting layers of ‘things’ that protect my emotions from the sight of those who would like to discover them. I play with absurd color combinations and with textures that would collide with each other if only I did not dampen the mutual hostility with a garment that acts as a glue and that is in harmony with both. I look at socks, hats, buttons, gloves, clothes, details of those who, unaware, pass by me to understand future trends. Mine is a complicated relationship, but full of satisfactions. Often littered with excessive madness and sudden ideas that arrive at night and creative solutions that comes at first light of the day.

(Q) Color always and anyway?

(A) Lots of white and lots of colors. Colors help us express our emotions. My son told me that I was different from all the other mothers because ‘too colorful’. He didn’t recognize me.

(Q) A timeless piece of clothing to always focus on…

(A) White poplin shirt and over cardigan in warm wool to fight the cold that sometimes can invade the soul …

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