It’s called Oversized and is one of the strongest trends for a couple of seasons. Oversized as big, large, extra large. Of one, two, three sizes bigger than what we are used to wear. Oversized as “wear on top of each other”, in a game of overlays of garments and styles. It’s about balance of shapes and proportions. Does it fit perfectly on all? Yes, but the game must be played with intelligence. If you are minute or well-rounded, do not go overboard in selecting the size and balance the top and the bottom.

The Oversized in a Zara look

The basics

In this game of volume and size, the easiest clothing to manage is the shirt. Not a shirt whatever, but that of your boyfriend. That is a broad and male model, like that of RD Stories. The rest will come by itself. Your shirt, in fact, may become necessary in a suit or a jacket.

A maxi shirt by RD Stories

In fact you can wear it as a shirt dress, with a pair of kitty heel sandals. When you want to reduce the volume and create a more curvy shape, perfect for Hourglass women, simply combine a high waist belt.

Prada kitty heel sandals, Yoox

Or you can use your maxi shirt as a jacket over a t-shirt for a casual look or with a lace body for a bolder style. Worn with skinny pants and a denim jacket will become a master key garment for young and old.

Maison Margiela maxi coat, Yoox

Dare or not dare

If you are not afraid to dare, you forget the old saying that you should match the wide with narrow or vice versa. The Oversized seen on the catwalks, in fact, it is deliberately exaggerated. A total fluid and seamless look from head to toe. The ideal style for women by androgynous forms, such as a rectangles and inverted triangles, but also for those with generous hips. The triangle-shaped women, in fact, can benefit from the advantages of the Oversized, which allows to hide the B-side and widen the shoulders.

Zara Oversized look

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