Among the resolutions for the new year there is the diet. Zone diet, calorie diet, color diet, just diet. But after a look at the coolest places to eat in Milan, you will soon forget the calories. Milan is a city that offers a lot, even in terms of cuisine. In addition to taverns and traditional food, it is easy to find glamourous restaurants. It is a city in constant evolution, able to satisfy all palates. But for those who do not know, it can be frustrating to live a quality experience. So here are some tips to avoid mistakes.


It is the epitome of political correctness, Greta (Thunberg) would love it. Yes, because the Zero Waste philosophy has spilled over the kitchen. At Becho you choose to eat only meat that comes from “Circle C farms” or fish caught in Italy. The ingredients change with the seasons and are worked carefully to reduce waste. This bistro, in the heart of Navigli, can really make a difference that is the “Best Choice” for the planet.


If you want to taste Sicily, come to Milan. It may seem impossible, but that’s what happens when you go to to Don Luigi. It starts with the pastries at breakfast, have lunch with the sublime arancini alla Norma, grant a break with a cannolo and take a couple of cassata for the evening. The spot is a bit retrò-style, like the pastries of the past. The owner is from Sicily true and that of the sweets is a family passion. The restaurant is named after the grandfather, Luigi exactly, Messina and appreciated pastry.


Being in the countryside in Milan. It happens at Erba Brusca, the only restaurant with a vegetable garden along the Naviglio. An oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city. Do not be fooled bucolic air, the kitchen is in the hands of chef Alice Delcourt. A little French and a little English, Italian by vocation, Alice is the soul and the mind of Erba Brusca. She is to carefully choose the vegetables you’ll find in your dish, such as sorrel which gives its name to the restaurant.


Even if you’re not vegan, you need to go to Soul Green. In this restaurant are banned gluten and animal ingredients, but the dishes are tasty and healthy. Energy, the calorie count and nutritional balance are the basis of the menu, all served with love in a place made of soft colors and natural materials. There are no edges at Green Soul, so that you can indulge in a warm embrace. Since 2017 the team is engaged in the Proud To Give Back charity project, with which provides nutritional support to malnourished children in the world.


Blow off some steam in the middle of the week. Just take refuge in a cabin in the woods in the heart of Milan. It seems crazy, but it’s the reality of Walden, a little literary cafè, a little creative hub and cocktail bar. Here we eat strictly vegan, while browsing a book or listening to a poetry reading. It carves out time to think, meet or just relax. You can taste the little things, rediscover more human rhythms, just live the moment while outside the city runs.