Although we have not unwrapped Christmas gifts yet, fashion runs fast and we just have to adapt. Do not be fooled by the cold and gloomy days, spring is around the corner. If you do not want to arrive unprepared to change your winter wardrobe to summer, write down what you need to have for the next season.


It is at least worth dreaming. Yes because the Bruga Venazia bags are small works of art. Five models inspired by many Venetian noblewomen. Small masterpieces of design research and artisan expertise. Gabriella Billo, designer of the brand, has created a collection where nothing is left to chance. Fine leathers, handles made of Murano glass, silver trim. The Ursula model has more than 2,000 applications including beads, pearls and semi-precious stones. And for the most demanding, the opportunity to personalize each bag.

Brigida in snake skin


Big or little it doesn’t really matter, as long as they are. We are talking of sequins, entered in the closets of the fashionistas and for good reason. To paraphrase a famous TV series, we could say that the sequins are the new black. There is no wrong time in the day, wear them always and everywhere. De’Hart the cool and urban brand of Lanificio Becagli built on it a collection, made of blazers, capes and pants. You are spoiled for choice.

A sequins blazer by De’Hart


They are beautiful hats those created by Alice Catena for Montegallo. Beautiful as only an handmade product can be. The search for materials, the patient work of weaving straw, the choice of models, remind us that fashion is primarily an exercise in patience. Sophisticated, elegant, casual, if it weren’t, they should be invented. Sombreros, Fedora, Pamela, the designer proposes a rich collection, where classical forms are combined with unusual materials like linen and leather.

Dulì, Montegallo Alice Catena collection


What you can not do without? The evening dress studded  with crystals of Angela Pipola for Positivity Couture. Breathtakingly beautiful, light as air, embodies the dream of this young designer who died prematurely. Angela has dedicated to fashion much of her energies and life. A dream that, after her death, was carried out with tenacity and determination by her husband. Angela has never surrendered, even in the darkest moments of the disease, knowing that life depends on the courage with which we face it.

Embroidered evening gown by Positivity Couture


She is very young, but already has very clear ideas. Valentina Poltronieri was on the catwalk during the Pure London fair and the Milan fashion week. Of her collection, made of smart and stylish clothes, take everything, but especially the colors and energy. In a world increasingly dark we need joy, lightness and stars. Yes, because “Chasing the Stars” is above all a hymn to freedom. Boxy overcoats, mini dresses and trousers on which falls a shower of stars and sequins. If this is not bliss…

Miami vibes for VP collection