Why there are ineffective and harmful ingredients in cosmetics? Raffaella Gregorio, CEO of Bakel, asked herself. Raffaella began her career in the cosmetic industry as a chemist. Working for several laboratories she could see the use of unnecessary ingredients in most products.

Dyes, preservatives, oil products and surfactants are just some of them. These principles can easly be found in the creams we use routinely. Creams that are supposed to help and protect our skin, but that does not really bring any benefit. Moreover, the presence of many of these ingredients helps raise sensitisation of the dermis, which often leads to allergies.

Anti-ageing balm by Bakel

This observation led to the idea of ​​creating a line of cosmetics composed only of active ingredients. Zero useless substances, maximum effectiveness, in fifteen years, the brand Bakel, 100% vegan and animal friendly, has become synonymous with quality and effectiveness.

The Bakel products, in fact, easily penetrate the dermis, bringing many benefits. Light and rich in active ingredients are tolerated by all skin types, even the most delicate. All products are cruelty-free, Bakel fact, not only doesn’t test on animals, but does not export even in those countries, such as China, where this type of testing is still allowed.

Gentle Wash, cleanser for sensitive skins
Anti-ageing eye cream, smoothes and plumps

No ingredient is of animal origin. All products are free of nickel and heavy materials such as cadmium and chromium. These toxic substances, are often present in small amounts in many cosmetics and a prolonged use may lead to sensitization problems.

Moreover all the cosmetics are gluten free and the Kosher certification, issued by the Rabbinical Court of Rome, is a further guarantee of quality, authenticity and purity.