It’s called Pantone Classic Classic and will accompany us throughout 2020. A relaxed blue, caressing and a nice one chosen by Pantone Color Institute to guide us into the new era. Leatrice Eiseman, director of the American Center, wanted to emphasize that this choice is not random.

We live in an era that requires trust and hope and Classic Blue is just that, a friend of whom rely on. No coincidence that blue is the color of vastness, of reflection and communication. A shade that combines approaches, able to build bridges instead of building walls.

Classic Blue, color of the Year 2020

But speaking of colors, what can we expect for the winter 2019/20? Once again the white and black must give way to particularly intense colors. The choice of vibrant and unusual colors has long been the preserve of the warm seasons, such as spring and summer, but for several years we are witnessing a change of course.

The seasonal colors

Also this year, among the twelve shades chosen by the American Institute, there are strong nuances and four classic shades.

The palette highlights the desire of designers to use color as a tool for communication and self-expression. The shades are characterized by an intense and strong allure. No half measures, the winter will be marked by a palette varied than ever.

Presenting Classic Blue, Leatrice Eiseman also wished to emphasize that the colors chosen are sophisticated and versatile. The color range is wide and embraces very different tastes and personal styles. It will be virtually impossible, according to the expert, did not find the color suited to our own personality, as long as you decide to dare.

Red and brown will be the stars of the winter wardrobe, which will be joined by some fashionable colors. The pink, the blue, more or less intense, the green and orange in in their softer version. All that remains is to give space to your imagination to create stunning combinations.

The classics