It is the democratic clothing par excellence. For almost a century the trench coat is the cornerstone of any classic wardrobe worthy of respect. Worn by soldiers during the war, today is rightly a passe-partout.

Thanks to combinations of different materials, in fact, can be worn both in winter and during the spring. If you are wondering what to pair it with, you know that gets along with just about everything. It’s perfect as much with jeans and boots as with palazzo pants and sneakers.

A classic model in Gabardine, L’Impermeabile

It is so versatile to be able to accompany in the office, worn over the suit, or aperitif, combined with the midi skirt. It is ideal to be elegant without effort, also washes easily and takes up little space in the closet.

Details matter

The original model is khaki color, a light dusty brown, and has some specific characteristics. A trench that respects must have the raglan sleeves and the cape, it’s double-breasted with the chin strap and a length below the knee.

Some details of the trench, Massimo Dutti

The fashion, thanks to Hollywood, however, has given us over the years, more and more whimsical patterns. Brands like Max Mara and Martino Midali have created poetic organza models in delicate rainbow tones. Prada has destructured until the point to turn it into a robe with the edges of feathers. Dries Van Noten has experienced unusual fantasies, while L’Impermeabile added the lace.

A model with lace, L’Impermeabile

The volumes have become more slender and the silhouette is more feminine, so that even petite women can wear it. Just prefer the cropped models or mid leg. The spectrum of colors ranges from hot ones up to the pale pink, while the lapels are adorned with leather, sequins or fur.

There are whimsical details such as flowers and bows, or studs, for a bolder look. A few rules to manage it better. The trench gives the best of itself from 9 to 5, better to thus avoid to wear it for social events and evening. In this case it may be replaced by a stole or a fine fabric gown.

If you are the classical Oval-shaped woman, it is better to choose an egg-shaped. Its natural wraparound will allow you to minimize the waist, sore of your body.