Finding the right cosmetics, especially if your skin is sensitive and responsive, is not simple. Those who suffer from allergies or intolerances know that the search for the right product can be long, exhausting and complicated. Hands up who has not been overwhelmed by discomfort in the face of too rich creams or tonics too aggressive.

Too aggressive for my skin

Most products, used on normal skin, gives excellent results. The research applied to cosmetics continues to make progress. Today you can find creams, serums and products make-up products that plump, smooth, firm up, color and cure.

On balance, however, for those who have an extremely sensitive and problematic skin the selection is not as extensive. Choosing which narrows even more if ethical issues come into play, such as animal testing and particularly cruel and painful practice.

Go natural

Paola Geremia is an Italian girl who lives in London. She and I share a love for animals and a skin not easy to manage. Ten years ago, tired of having allergic reactions because of MI / MCI preservatives present in all cosmetics, Paola began to alone prepare creams for her beauty routine.

You know, we Italians have a propensity to create new things out of nothing. And to turn a simple passion into a business. Thus it was born Enphasis Skincare, step by step. A project that has come to involve Filippo, her husband, and friends of the couple. Today the “do-it-yourself” formulas created by Paola have developed increasingly sophisticated products, made in Italy by expert chemists.

Under her supervision, the laboratory carries out face creams, serums and body care products using only natural ingredients. Plants and flowers, that abound in Italy, have become the active ingredients of the entire line.

Micro Exfoliating Cream, Enphasis Natural Skincare

Tips for your daily beauty routine

Your daily beauty routine can start with a gentle scrub made with walnuts and almonds. The Micro Exfoliating Cream, in fact, prepares the skin for subsequent products, such as Regenerating & Brightening Cream, if you have a normal skin to dry, or serum, perfect if your skin is combination or oily.

A rich and soft cream to pamper your skin
A light serum for combination to oily skin

The Enphasis collection is so complete that it is impossible not to find the solution to your need. Thanks to the collaboration between the brand and Fashion & the Blonde, you can buy saving. Just click on this link and get a discount of 20% on every purchase.