There are some trends that inexplicably have great success. This is the case of the Teddy Bear Coat all we wore as children. Soft, tender, childlike, it should be confined in the childhood closet precisely childhood. Yet for some rage on the catwalk season and out. Yet few seasons it rages on the catwalks and in the windows.

Teddy Bear Coat by Zara

So much so that even the fast fashion chains have adapted and now produces models of every shape, length and color. The Teddy Bear Coat is a cloth who should be avoided, to be honest. First because it looks good on the few, if not very few, people. According because it really is never really good. Third, because after ten years the risk of sounding ridiculous increases with age.

Tricks to wear it at its best

But if you can not do without it, here’s some trick to wear it to the fullest. Or at least limit the damage. The first wile is to choose it in a dark color. The dark shades, in fact, on the one hand reduce shapes and volumes and on the other make it seem a good quality garment even if made of poor materials.

The second trick is to buy always a smaller size than you wear normally. This type of coat, in fact, tends to have a loose fit. A smaller size will help contain its “exuberance”.

If you are petite, pair it with high heels and garments that follow the body as slim-fit turtleneck sweaters and skinny trousers. If you are tall, you can wear it with straight pants, a blouse and play with an overlap of jackets.

Yes or no…

Beware, the Teddy Bear Coat is fine only to certain silhouettes. Women “oval” and the “hourglass” shaped should avoid it. Women “rectangle”, “triangle” and “Inverted Triangle” shaped, however, have the green light to wear it.

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