It is among the five best original burgers in Milan. But Tripburger it serves not only simple sandwiches, in fact is the first place to cook gourmet burgers. In this restaurant, in the heart of the city, meats are strictly exotic.

Kangaroo, zebra, wagyu and buffalo are some of the creative ideas of Tripburger. In a city that loves fashion, in fact, it could not miss even the culinary limited edition. If you want to titillate the palate with unusual tastes, this restaurant is the right place. All meats, from beef and reindeer, in fact, are served with tasty sauces prepared daily.

Naturally, there are proposals based on fish, those for vegans and gluten free. The idea of ​​offering special meat and a taste of the different flavors of the world comes from the owners passion for travel. Each has brought into the project not only itd professional experience, but also the love for good food and wine.

No coincidence that the clients are mostly curious people, who like to travel and experience new things. The space is comfortable and functional, with rooms designed to relax and enjoy the meal. The furnishings have a strong international flavor, as the trays created by South African artists. While the mirrors and the plants suspended recreate an extravagant and extraordinary living space.

Wi-fi and free magazines are another element to the customer. Customer can choose to also enjoy some of the rarest wines in the world, drink tasty Italian craft beers or whet their appetite with unusual cheeses.