China and Italy have never been so close. Already last year, relations between the two countries were strengthened with Xi’An Fashion Town project. A real fashion city, under the patronage of the Sino-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the CNMI, established the link between the two.

A relationship that has developed during the Milan Fashion Week. A number of Chinese designers hosted during the event, five presented during Cascade China, organized by White Milan, and eight in the Fahion Hub pavilions.

The Chinese fashion town was born with the aim of promoting local and international talent in the Asian market. By providing them with the know-how and expert support. Renamed Sino-Italian Fashion Town, the project will have a strong Italian connotation. The importance given to Italy also reflects the interest of Chinese consumers for style, culture and the Italian way of life.

The thirteen brands selected to take part in the fashion week are the vanguard of the Chinese fashion. Proving that creativity and talent know no borders.


Amnue SS 2020

If you think fashion “Made in China” means poor clothes and a shill, you are mistaken! Amnue has made attention to detail and tailoring its distinctiveness. The team consists of designers, painters and architects who transformed in clothes the most diverse inspirations. The woman Amnue is passionate and stylish. Free and conscious, she uses fashion to express herself.


Two outfits by Chen Zhi

Colorful and contemporary. It’s Chen / RGB woman, imagined by Chen Zhi. Chen is young and with very clear ideas. The Chinese designer creates easy and wearable garments, but of character. A modular fashion built on basic pieces, such as top and coats, and clever use of color blocks.


DamoWang SS 2020

Born in 2015 from the creativity of Damo and Alex Wang, the Damowang brand is among the most promising ones. Its ability to create a synthesis between Chinese culture and modernity make it an “It-brand”. Its original stylistic choices have let it grown rapidly. Based on a neo-classical inspiration, it boasts some owned shops and a multi-brand distribution in I.T. and Opening Ceremony stores.


JarelZhang at NYFW

Halfway between urban-chic and streetwear, JarelZhang is a brand with a strong visual impact. Maxi Volumes, fluorescent colors and details recognizable. Who chooses not want to go unnoticed. A trendy outwear for those who want to be fashionable even when take the dog for a walk.


Ming Ma featured in InStyle China

Puffed sleeves, cocooning  volumes and macro flounces. The colors are delicate, but the style is resolute. A little Manga and a little romantic, the fashion of Ming Ma is beautiful. You could not see the references to the East, in the shirts that look like tunics, skirts that seem Kimonos and the Obi belts who become corsets. Poetic with a Samurai mood.


A portrait of Zac Zeng

Strong colors and deconstructed dresses. Nomoretouch by Zac Zeng is an unmistakable brand. His streetwear is blatantly conceptual. Cuts, holes, gashes. Under his scissors volumes are dissected and reassembled, now in a maxi version now reduced to a minimum. And then his heel, always and everywhere, even under the bikinis! Zac Zeng made trendy even cycling shorts. Chapeu.


Eyewear by Percy Lau

The world of eyewear has a new star. She’s a petite girl but tough, her glasses even more. Do not you ever tire of looking at them, either because the forms out of the ordinary, either by the use of colors. Rectangles, circles, octagons, triangles. The Percy Lau geometry is not only interesting, but should become the subject of study at school. In her hands there is nothing that can not become something else.


Pingsi Zhou SS 2020

The unfinished and imperfections become, in the fashion of Pingsi Zhou, absolutely perfect. There is nothing to add and nothing to take off, perhaps for the playfulness  of the clothes. Born in 2017, from the cooperation of Pingsi and Tang Wei, the Sino-Canadian brand has made irony its trademark. Colorful and cheerful clothes, the result of careful stylistic research and attention to detail.


Selah SS 2020

Behind the brand it is hiding a collective of young designers to be discovered. A little preppy, a little streetstyle, a bit romantic, the Selah woman loves to surprise. Offbeat not follows the rules, because she prefers to dictate, but always with style.


An outfit by Susan Fang

Her clothes are mild like her. Her woman is enchanted, enveloped by light fabrics, splashes of colors and jingling beads. Fringe, feathers, fluttering fabric panels give us a dreamlike fashion, very fine, delicate. The clothes of Susan Fang straight out of a painting by Raffaello with a pinch of Lacroix.


Snow Xue Gao SS 2020

This girl with deep, black eyes has talent. Her ability to play with volumes reminiscent of the expertise of Martin Margiela. Her propensity to pull unusual fabrics and patterns reminiscent of the stylistic adventures of Dries Van Noten. But Snow Xue Gao is faithful above all to herself. In the rigor of her clothes is all the Oriental discipline.


Xiao Li

She could be considered the heir of Ralph Lauren. The fashion of Xiao Li is elegant, sophisticated, noble, brazenly upperclass. Her woman is effortlessy-chic, always perfect to be envied. And yet she is gentle, feminine but not blatant, stylish. A modern Grace Kelly.


Youppie SS 2020

Created in 2013 by the designer Melon, Youppie is a popular brand in China. Loved by celebrities like Leah Dou, Wei Qi and Tong Yao, it did its stylistic originality a recognizable tract. Its woman is a post-modern doll. A superwoman dressed in vinyl, asymmetrical volumes and overlaps. Ironic and irreverent, she faces the world strictly wearing high heels.