In Italy, every day, more than a thousand cases of cancer are diagnosed. In 2018 the diagnosis of cancer in the world have been more than 18 million. Until a few years ago it was taboo to talk about it. Today, thanks to the media and prevention campaigns, the disease is told, lived and faced it head on.

The numbers

The specialist care and scientific research have made great strides. Five years after diagnosis than 43 million people are living. Five years is the threshold beyond which the chances that the cancer will recur are reduced.

The Raptus&Rose runway

United to win

Those who face cancer and defeat it live a real renaissance. Silvia Bisconti, Raptus & Rose brand’s designer, has dedicated an entire collection to the theme of awakening. By engaging in the project the Oncology Association Onlus San Bassano and 55 ordinary women, of which 27 are engaged in their battle against cancer.

Silvia has had a long militancy in fashion, first at Romeo Gigli and then at Malìparmi. Raptus & Rose is more than a clothing brand, it is a philosophy of life. It is the pursuit of beauty outside the rules and aesthetics. Each piece is the result of a long research of different inspirations that come from distant countries.

In her studio, she converted from an old print shop, the designer and team create limited edition collections. Made of pajamas pants, flowing skirts, slender coats and sweaters. It was the years spent in the most important maisons to push Silvia towards a different approach to the fashion industry.

She talks about “fashion freed.” A free fashion by trade rules, the rules of a stereotypical beauty, from the whims of the market. Who better than Silvia, therefore, could understand the fears and hopes of those who are fighting cancer.

Her fashion took to the streets, embraced ordinary women, healthy people and sick ones, flooded the alleys and caught the attention of the public. With her handmade clothes extolled the beauty and uniqueness of each woman. Even in illness.

No proportions, no rules, no profit constraints. Only joy and sharing, because sometimes you just need a hug to overcome fear. As the Perfecto Dress, a dress worn by all women symbolically. Four meters of handmade stitching decorated by a rain of votive hearts. A dress to emphasize the importance of the closeness. A tangible sign of how the love and support often make a difference.