The EOE brand was born in 2010. Erik and Emilia Lindmark are enjoying the snowmobile around the village of Ammarnäs, a handful of houses among the ice and snow of Lapland. The beauty of the place strikes them strongly. They take inspiration from the surroundings and that they love more, nature. Together they design an eyewear collection that combines Nordic design, made of clean and essential lines, with respect for the environment.

Each piece is inspired by the arctic landscape. It is simple but with a strong visual impact. The shapes are precise, crisp, minimal, sometimes sparse. Impossible not to be fascinated. The materials are completely biodegradable and recyclable. In a few years they become the leading brand in Northern Europe in the production of 100% sustainable glasses.


Research, lightness and quality. These are the characteristics of the Eyepetizer brand, born by chance during a holiday in Ibiza. A graphic designer, a designer and a copywriter who find inspiration to realize their dream among white beaches and crystal clear waters. A unisex collection in stainless steel, with colorful lenses and modern appeal.

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In just four years the brand has become a cult object for fashion lovers and not only. So much to be present in the most important department stores in the world. In 2018 Eyepetizer launched the Eyes-Cream project, the first design glasses. Gold or silver frame and colored lenses available in four delicious nuances: milk, lemon, anise and roses. A captivating packaging, reminiscent of ice cream packaging, and three gradations to choose from. Reading has never been so cool!


Avant-garde design and stylistic research are the characteristics of FakbyFak, the Russian high-end eyewear brand. Released on the market in 2013, with the name of Fakoshima, it was relaunched in 2016. A particular product, outside the box, not very commercial. The restyling has created a collection that overcomes trends and becomes a design object.


Modern, contemporary, unusual, FakbyFak glasses are niche models. Impress the imagination, create new expressive codes, blend technology with craftsmanship. An experimental approach that has led the brand to collaborate with some of the most innovative fashion designers, such as the Indian Manish Arora and the Belgian Walter van Beirendonck. Loved by Hollywood movie stars, they are sold online and in the most important concept stores in the world.


Born and raised in Japan, but of South Korean origins, Hym Lee is the creative mind behind the Hymski brand. A graduate of IED in Milan, she has created a collection that ranges from women’s clothing to accessories. Her cultural background and the contamination between different countries and styles is reflected in her stylistic choices.


The Hymski woman is a wandering one, strong, decisive, sensual and aware of her charm. Hidden behind the colored lenses of her sunglasses, she is able to seduce without effort. In 2017 Hymski was selected among the emerging brands during the White trade fair in Milan. In 2018 Hym Lee started a collaboration with Heavy London and during the Milan fashion week the Wok store presented her models exclusively.