They work better and are more effective, especially in summer. Serums are the alternative to creams. Light, non-greasy emulsions with a high percentage of active ingredients. Their strength is the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and in less time. In this way they act more quickly.

When it is hot they are the ideal solution, because they do not occlude the skin. They are also a precious ally in the sun. Applied together with sunscreen, before exposure, they form a barrier against UVA and UVB rays. A barrier capable of neutralizing up to 90% of free radicals that cause dermis aging. Used together with the after-sun, on the other hand, they give immediate relief, smooth wrinkles and moisturize.

How to choose the right product? First, it is good to check that it can be used during sun exposure. Then it is useful to wait an hour between the application of the serum and that of the sun cream. Serums actually increase the penetration of their active ingredients, but also those of the products that are subsequently applied. Waiting for a while prevents the sunscreen’s protective factors from being pushed deep, losing their effectiveness.

For the day, all products based on vitamin C, E and antioxidants are perfect, which reduce the formation of free radicals and spots. For the evening all the moisturizers based on hyaluronic acid, urea, panthenol and calendula.

Instead, retinol-based products should be avoided. With the sun their exfoliating action can cause irritation and allergies. These cosmetics are perfect for autumn, because they help the skin to regenerate. Using them every other day with serums is a real cure for the skin, which appears brighter, toned and younger.