If you like avocado, Aguacate is for you. A chiringuito and a place of meditation. Aguacate (avocado in Spanish) is street food with an exotic touch. The restaurant was born from the meeting of entrepreneur Riccardo Mandelli with Dauro Zocchi, researcher and promoter of biodiversity in developing countries.

Amazonia in Milan

Building on the success achieved in Ibiza, the format has also landed in the heart of Milan. The space is located in the center of the city. It offers a menu based on avocado and other ingredients of Amazonian origin, such as Pecan nuts, three varieties of chilli, Chulpe maize and cocona from Ucayali.

mangiare bene a milano spendendo poco

Flavors and aromas discovered by Riccardo and Dauro during an adventurous journey along the Amazon River. Dining at Aguacate is a multisensory experience. On the one hand it corroborates the spirit, on the other it makes us travel with fantasy.

The cuisine

The flavors and cuisine of the indigenous villages of South America are revisited to marry with the Italian taste. All products are of certified origin and rich in vitamins that contribute to the well-being of the organism.

The protagonist of all dishes is avocado. A fruit capable of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, combating aging and depression, preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. But in the restaurant it is also possible to immerse yourself in the culture of the tribes that live along the longest waterway in the world.

Enchanted places

The Amazon is an extraordinary place, just like the journey undertaken by Riccardo and Dauro. But also an extremely fragile one, continually threatened by human aggression. It is not only the forest that suffers massive damage due to deforestation, but also the river.

In the last ten years, gold prospectors have poured 200 tons of mercury into the Amazon river, putting people and fauna in serious danger. Among the 5,000 fish species that inhabit it, the Lamantino and the Amazon pink dolphin are among those at high risk.

Here then is the message of sharing, culture and respect of Aguacate is more important than ever. Riccardo himself states that the aim is to spread greater public awareness. Create a positive movement, which encourages people to improve and improve what surrounds them. Even through food.