Daughter of art, the historical knitwear Caponi is owned by his family, Romina Caponi is an esthete. Always passionate about art and fashion, in 2016 she founded 16R Firenze, her brand. A graduate of Polimoda in Florence and with a long experience in the field, in her curriculum there are collaborations with Cavalli and Versace, at the peak of her career she decides to risk it.

In this project she pours passion and love. The tragedy that struck her in adolescence, the loss of the beloved brother born on her own day, becomes the keystone. Pain turns into creative energy, through yarns and colors Romina transforms dreams and fantasies into tangible objects. Through fashion she stitches her wounds.

For the brand she chooses a symbolic name, just that “16” she shares with her brother. The result is garments that seem to come from a fairy world. Poised between opulence and minimalism, Romina brings its contradictions and fragility to knitwear too. Always little inclined to follow the diktat of revenues, she experiments without stopping.

Attention to detail is obsessive, references to her nomadic soul are obvious. Romina follows the heart and does not focus on market demands. The result are collections outside the box, where technical skill and stylistic expertise come together. The knitwear is now substantial and structured, now light enough to look like gauze. The garments embrace the body, follow the shapes, dress perfectly.

With the participation in Altaroma and the blessing of Silvia Venturini Fendi, she closes the circle. And prepare for the future.

Romina tells herself

(Q) Good morning Romina, tell me how 16R Firenze is born.

(A) 16R is born from the union of the number 16, which is the day I was born, and the letter R, the initial of my name. It is a capsule collection of luxury knitwear. Using the thread as a means of communication, experimenting and developing my personal concept of fashion, a fashion free from constraints and commercial obligations. The idea is to create a unique clothing line that enhances the history and cultural heritage of our country through yarns.

(Q) Knitwear is your hallmark. What kind of yarns do you use and what is the greatest difficulty?

(A) I don’t have a specific type … a lot depends on the moment and my inspiration. I love using different yarns produced in Italy. I work a lot with Tuscan ones, where there is a careful study in the research of innovative fibers but with strict rules for the respect of the environment. I love playing with particular fibers. I am a lover of viscose for the warm season and of wool for the winter. The biggest difficulty is identifying the most suitable yarn for the type of garment and the result you want to achieve. Making a knit garment means calibrating the style with the technique, to get a perfect mix.

Developing the collection

(Q) How is a collection born?

(A) A collection is born from an inspiration, which then materializes in a particular dress and style. In making a collection I use the same approach as a director indeed. As a film maker I put all the parts together and, in the end, I create this wonderful dream called fashion. I like the idea of ​​being able to give unique emotions to those who wear my clothes.

(Q) Where can we find your clothes?

(A) My clothes are sold privately and on order. Mine is a tailoring of knitwear, which produces small quantities. With the upcoming season, 16R will also be on sale at Sugar, a shop in Arezzo. In the future in other niche shops.

(Q) Romina when she’s not working …

(A) I love nature, I appreciate all its nuances and beauties. I like getting lost in long walks in the countryside and spending whole days listening to what surrounds me. I try to switch off and take time for myself and the people I love.