They return every season. Maybe because they remind us of the intrigues of Dallas. Or maybe because they’re just beautiful. The Texas boots are the fetish of those who know about fashion and also those who understand little about it, but ride the wave.

Heritage boots

After all, it is impossible to remain indifferent to embroidery and leathers that, collection after collection, become more and more stylish. But how do you wear them? In fact, despite the somewhat eccentric look, they are quite easy to handle.

Of course, it takes a good deal of cheekyness to wear them to the fullest. They fit well to all creative contexts, so if you have a sui generis job they will give your look an extra edge. But they are strictly forbidden in formal environments and special occasions, such as weddings, dinners and events.

with a blazer

During the day they can be combined with a beautiful ankle skirt in lace or light cotton. Choose a men’s fabric blazer and a high belt and that’s it! If you are planning an aperitif you can wear them with a pair of skinny pants, a t-shirt and a tuxedo jacket. If you are young and the physique allows you, shorts and macro pulls are a must.

with a Zara ruffled dress

But the frontiers of fashion, just like those of the Wild West, are endless. The imagination of the designers has given us maxi models, well beyond the knee, calf ones and even a mule version. These last perfect even under a serious pencil skirt.

with a Zara pencil skirt