In the beginning were the bags, then the craze to personalize the products hit shoes and clothes. Finally the times were ready for the big leap into the world of beauty. A market that only in Italy is worth 10 billion euros and where a recent survey has revealed the obvious. 42% of women crave products that can be tailor-made to meet very specific needs.

You wonder why no one has ever thought of that before. Not bad, the challenge was gathered by four thirty-year-olds. Manuel Corona, a curly head of hair and a conflictual relationship with shampoos. Irene Gullotta, hair and smile of a cover girl, Mirco Peragine and Francesco Rizzotti, clean faces and stylish cuts. With their brand Shampora they create bespoke hair products.

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The mechanism is simple. You enter the site and answer a series of questions, a specific algorithm processes the information provided and transforms it into the perfect product. In about ten days the kit, shampoo and conditioner,  is delivered home in an elegant box, ça va sans dire personalized.

The active ingredients and fragrances, the quid that can diversify the products, are added manually to the semi-prepared bases. Shampoos and conditioners are prepared at the time of the request, in this way the consumer is sure to receive a fresh and tailor-made product.

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Put the customer at the center, from the beginning, with an individual and targeted consultancy. An approach that pleases, the 97% of those who buy is satisfied. The future seems bright and not only for the growing numbers, but also for the many projects in development. The team is working on eight new fragrances, a bio-line and openings in five countries.