There’s the stylish, fluffy bowler that recalls Cousin Itt, the cute, hairy relative of the Addams, or the pearl-studded earcuffs. The world of Federica Moretti is a fairy microcosm, made of veils and bunny ears, baby pink cloches and Fedora classics.

Who is Federica?

Born in 1983, Modenese doc, Federica takes her first steps in the world of fashion at a very young age, experimenting on herself eccentric and unusual looks. Graduated from the IED, endowed with a bursting creativity, not inclined to market compromises, she transfers her passion for the visual arts and experimentation also in her brand.

With a specialization at the School of Visual Arts in New York, in 2006, at a very young age, she created her very personal line of hats. Her remarkable flair and an unusual dexterity propel her, in a few years, to the top of the Olympus of fashion. Iconic are the paper models made with such craftsmanship that they look like velour and the beanies with Mickey Mouse ears.

Her career

Glamour, ironic, irreverent, Federica also brings her personal touch to the Borsalino style office, giving the historic brand of millinery a young and fresh touch. Collaborations with the big fashion brands happen at an unrelenting pace, from Jil Sander to MSGM. The most prestigious brands turn to her to customize the styling of their fashion shows.

Her hats, easily recognizable, end up in Vogue, Flair, Glamour, bouncing from one e-commerce site to another. It is practically impossible not to find them at the same time on Farfetch and Luisa Via Roma, and, since 2007, they are sold exclusively for the American market from Barney’s NY.

Lady Gaga and Rihanna are part of that long list of celebrities haunted by the charm of her models, all handmade in Italy. Iconic pieces, with a strong and irreverent character, just like Federica who, despite her success, remained a simple girl, with her feet firmly planted on the ground. Conscious of moving in an ecosystem, the fashionable one, where it is so easy to achieve notoriety and the favor of the editors as much as losing them in a few seasons.

Success for a designer is never the goal, but only an intermediate stage of a long and often tiring journey, to which time and private spaces must be sacrificed. In an incessant solicitation of images and stimuli, Federica knows that one must always nourish the souls and eyes of the spectators with new objects of desire. The tension to beauty knows no rest, is infinite and demands dedication.

New projects

In 2017, with a well-established career, she creates Huma Sunglasses, a new line of accessories that, she wants to point out, can be accessorized. The goal is not only to amaze, but also to offer the consumer the opportunity to customize each eyeglasses according to their taste.

The side arms can be customized with pearls, chains, crystals, jewelry and even hair extensions. In short, a model equipped with many interchangeable accessories, depending on the outfit or mood… or just to never get bored…

Federica unveils herself

(Q) Good morning Federica, I am happy to meet you again after so many years. Your career is booming! Doesn’t that scare you a little?

(A) Hi Paola, eh it’s been a long time! It doesn’t scare me because I never think about it! Commitment and attention must always be like the first day, the thing that scares me is that can change everything in a moment.

(Q) Hats are not an easy product. In spite of everything, you believed it. Do you think that’s the key to your success?

(A) I think it’s the passion I have for this job. The enthusiasm I put into everything. The challenge of always creating new, ironic, extroverted collections. The desire to always improve myself.

Playing with paper…

(Q) Let’s talk a little bit about your hats. I remember the first models made of paper… What has changed?

(A) In 2006, with five of my friends, I opened the studio in Milan. It was an inspiring and emotional time. We all did different things, photography, interior design, motion graphics and creative confrontation was constant. I started making hats with alternative materials. At that time there were no courses or masters that could teach me this craft. Only when I started collaborating with Borsalino, a few years later, I discoverrd the world of hats and the dynamics of this beautiful work. Then came the collaborations with designers and my brand. Change was necessary.

(Q) I’ve been following your work for several years, I’ve always found fascinating the way you’ve managed to find a balance between portability and the unusual. Can we say that you gave birth to the phenomenon of hat-couture?

(A) Hat-Couture has always existed. I tried to bring eccentricity into everyday life. When I think of the collection, before I start making it, the images in my head are surreal. I always think through my hats people can express their creativity.

(Q) A good purpose for 2019….

(A) Do better and better. I recently started a new brand! This time the challenge is in the optical world. Huma Sunglasses a collection of sunglasses and eyewear.

(Q) Federica when she’s not working ….

(A) I like to travel, and when I’m not traveling, I like to stay in my city. Milan is beautiful on Sunday! A walk in the park with Blue (my dog), an exhibition, a dinner with friends. Simple things that amuse me.