They love design and innovation and as they create more and more avant-garde objects, they take care of the planet. Anže and Stella have turned their passions into a successful brand. With the Equa brand, in fact, they produce reusable water bottles. But it’s not just any bottles.

If you thought there was nothing more bland than a bottle of water, you were wrong! The Equa bottles are practical and durable, but above all they are design objects with high-fashion appearance. The brand made its official debut during the last Fashion Week in February, becoming immediately an it-object.

The It bottle

Spotted in the bags of journalists and influencers, has not disfigured next to the most famous accessories. Accomplice an appealing look and the ability to personalize your own bottle, Equa has revolutionized the concept of water dispenser for leisure and sports activity.

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Equa reusable water bottle in beige

Raise your hand if you do not go to the gym or run with a water container. On the market there are all shapes and colors. In fact Equa has reinterpreted in a daily key a specific product for free time, a perfect accessory for the yoga class as much as for the meeting with the boss.

Say no to plastic

Trendy enough, the collection in fact is renewed every season, is also good. In a world increasingly threatened by single-use plastics, it is estimated that in 2050 in the Oceans there will be more plastic than fish, a reusable bottle can make a difference. The equation is simple: if only one person chooses a reusable water bottle, in the same year 217 disposable plastic bottles will not end up in landfills.

Just to raise awareness of public opinion about pollution from plastics, a material designed to last forever but used on products with a very short life cycle, Equa has partnered with National Geographic.

During the last World Earth Day, the brand has in fact made a video to inspire people and promote change. Abolishing disposable plastics in favor of reusable one and encouraging the use of tap water has never been so cool.