In 2011 Lorenzo and Luca Cavolini decided to create a project to merge the Italian goldsmith tradition with the eclectic taste of the new generations. The starting point was a ring worn by Keith Richards, histrionic guitarist of the Rolling Stones. With these premises it was clear to both that ELL Milano would represent a breaking point compared to the traditional goldsmith and, at the same time, the evolution of artisanal technique in the field of jewelry.

The birth of a star

A challenge and not an easy choice in an extremely conservative sector. A sector where obsessive attention to detail and manual expertise are often applied only to high-end Jewelry products. But the seed was now ready to sprout and the two brothers decided to create something totally different.

over 50s style
Eroded bangle bracelet

Children of a goldsmith, they breathe the air of the workshop since they were young. Playing in their father’s workshop, they learn to recognize gems and experiment with some of the most popular traditional techniques, such as wax modeling and direct engraving of raw metals. A manual, physical, material approach, far removed from the impersonal notes of 3D printing or CAD programs, which will distinguish their entire artistic and professional journey.

Tradition and modernity

Far from the classical paths, Lorenzo and Luca decide not to embrace a single subject or a precise style, from their excursions in the world of music, nature or ancient Greek come to life jewelry with the effigy of skulls, the appearance of a Gorgon or the shape of a mountain.

Leave ring

Provocatively they like to define their propensity for the unexpected “bipolar jewelry“, where classic forms coexist with corroded profiles, heads of Greek deities with gothic references. Where everything seems finished but is at the same time unfinished. Where the viewer is left with the ability to imagine a different conclusion.

It should be surprising, then, to see diamonds wet the raw silver as if they were banal zircons, or if shining sapphires and delicate Aquamarina are nestled between gurglings of gold. It happens that the quartzi are imprisoned in metal spirals reminiscent of the Dantesque circles, while fiery rubies burn through the cracks of a volcano ready to explode.

Eroded square ring

New openings

Famous abroad, Lorenzo and Luca are planning the development of the brand on international markets, with the help of Gianluca and Camilla Clivio, who have become an integral part of the team. New York and London are, in the plans of the four guys, the first cities that will see the development of the ELL Milano concept store, with its new approach to goldware. The ideal stage to promote Italian craftsmanship.