There are stories that arise a little by accident. Spiridione Calabrese ended up creating perfumes while he was busily experimenting with hair dye. In 1914 he sold his hairdresser to his brother, ran home and opened a small cosmetic workshop in his apartment.

Endowed with an inexhaustible ingenuity, he was the first to find the formula to melt and solidit the lipsticks, which at that time were a mixture of oils and powders. The rapid  success led him to found in 1920 the brand Rudy Profumi, specialized in cosmetic and hair products.

By the end of the 30s came the first perfumes, some, as Preludio Romantico, became, thanks to radio commercials, real objects of desire. His son Anthony, once took the reins of the company, devoted himself, to the soul and body, to continue the insights of his father.

An extroverted, keen and curious man, Anthony was the first to perceive the potential of the perfume as a gift. Endowed with fervent imagination worked on the packaging, creating such special bottles to make the brand Rudy Profumi unmistakable.

The bottles in the form of musical instruments marked an era, while the one created for the essence Agrement, two glass-ceramic dogs waiting under a lamppost, is still a collector’s item today.

Today the company is still firmly in the hands of the Calabrese family. The fourth generation carries on with tireless zeal the groove traced by the founder, continuing with determination the construction of a universe made of fragrances and body products.

In the same way, the brand has extended its presence abroad, today distributes its fragrances in as many as 30 countries. Not at all intimidated by the competition of the great multinational of luxury, the Calabrese family makes, with pride and determination, the Italian style known in the world.