The A-line skirt is commonly considered a garment for all. In our imagination this shape is a passepartout, suitable for all body shapes. On one hand, the A-line skirt is a ductile model, on the other can hide some pitfalls.

First, it does not suit women with a rounded silhouette, or all those women with a wide waist-line. If you have what is called an apple shape, avoid wearing it. There are many other garments to choose from, perfect for playing with your roundness. Secondly, it tends to shorten the figure and enlarge it. Third, it tends to make us look a little old-fashioned.

A-line leather skirt, Twin Set

If you have fallen in love with an A-line skirt, be smart. It is important that it is of the right size, not smaller or larger, but perfect. To make it a little less antiquated, you can wear the A-line skirt with a top or a blouse and a belt with a “rock soul”.

The heels, ça va sans dire, are indispensable. Thin for the evening, wide and comfortable for the day, but strictly high. Even if you are tall, avoid the flat shoes, better a kitty-heel. A short jacket and a fanny pack to wear as a cross-body bag will complete the look.