There are five and each one performs a specific task. These are the hair masks of Davines’ The Circle Chronicles line. Davines is an Italian company that, from 1983, studies and develops high quality products for hair. Guided by an incessant commitment to scientific research, it has developed over the years an ethical and sustainable vocation, promoting numerous initiatives for the protection of the environment.

Davines for the environment

In 2018 Davines was awarded, for the second time in three years, of the prize of Excellence de la Beautè with the masks The Circle Chronicles. In 2016 it had obtained the prestigious recognition with the Essential Haircare line and its commitment to the protection of biodiversity.

The Circle Chronicle has been rewarded for its nature’s friendly packaging, it is Co2-free, the project of reforestation linked to the development of the products and the ingredients of natural origin, such as clays, oils and charcoal.

How it works

Thanks to the resealable packaging you avoid waste and you can also use the masks together, for a combined action on the skin, lengths and spikes. Specifically, The Spotlight Circle gives the hair shine and brilliance, enhances the cut and moisturizes without weighing it down. The Purity Circle is an anti-oxidant remedy against pollution, heavy metals and powders. It is sufficient to apply it before or after shampooing to purify and revitalize the hair.

Wake Up Circle, on the other hand, gives volume, energy and vitality to hair that is dull or stressed by long journeys and demanding evenings, or by extreme climatic conditions such as UV rays or excessively high or rigid temperatures. On the same wave length there is The Reinasance Circle, which gives softness and nourishment to the hair that has been torn and unstructured. The ideal solution for sporty people, especially for those who love the pool, but also for those who often undergo treatments such as colourings or discolouration.

Finally Quick Fix Circle is the answer for those who have rebellious hair and little time available. You leave it on hair only three minutes, against the ten of the other masks, for more silky, untated and combable hair, thanks to the active ingredients of red clay and hyaluronic acid.