Everything is born in 2006 on a beach in Bali. A beach of white and very fine sand. Ludovica Virga, creative and designer, watches the crochet dolls made by local artisans. The first creation, Luvilu, was born for fun, as a gift for a dear friend.

A creative project

The economy of Bali at that time is in crisis. The island faces the kickback of the tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004. Ludovica’s entrepreneurial idea is a breath of oxygen to the local population, who has to contend with a few tourists.

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Ludovica’s passion for fashion led her to draw little dolls with the features of the icons of the fashion system, such as Anna Winotur and Karl Lagerfeld. And it is precisely from a incidental encounter with Lagerfeld that the project of Ludovica takes off. In 2009 the designer gives to Kaiser of fashion a Mua Mua doll with his appearance.

Dolls & fashion

Karl is enthusiastic, so much as to commission 500 dolls for his stores. The success is lightning-fast. The brand becomes appetizing for the insiders and the It Girls, and the family of Mua Mua dolls is enriched with new characters such as Coco Chanel, Lady Gaga, Franca Sozzani and Anna dello Russo.

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Glamour aside, Mua Mua dolls is first of all a social project. Each Doll is handmade in the poorest areas of Bali and part of the proceeds of sales is used to promote female education.

Doing good

Always sensitive to social and environmental issues, Ludovica Virga has also developed a sustainable fashion project. Hit by the large amount of plastic that every year invades the beaches of Bali, she launched a capsule collection of garments made with recycled sequins.

house of mua mua

With the slogan “Less Plastic is Fantastic“, Ludovica wanted to raise public awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving
the marine ecosystem, extremely fragile and delicate.

As for Mua Mua dolls, 50% of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the local onlus Bye-Bye Plastic. Created by two young students, the organization wants to promote respect for biodiversity and the environment.