Made in Italy and  100% sustainable, is the challenge of Covert to the denim market. The Safe Indigo capsule collection, in fact, is composed of a series of fully eco-friendly garments. With this collection Mauro Grifoni and his team of young designers want to promote more attention to the environment and to raise awareness about climate change and pollution.

Although in recent years initiatives in favor of a green fashion have multiplied, the concepts of sustainability and protection of eco-systems do not seem to be yet a strong enough reason to lead the choices of purchase. The aim of the project is to show how it is possible to create fashionable and excellent quality garments without wasting resources and with minimal impact on the planet.

Even if the road still seems long, Covert has already conquered a record. The brand is among the companies that have a production chain developed entirely on the territory and completely eco-friendly. Starting from the choice of fabrics up to their processing and basting.

The thread used to package the models is in Biocotton, the lining of the pockets is 100% cotton, the buttons and the rivets are without galvanic finishes. The men’s and women’s models, flanked by a knee-length skirt and a unisex shirt, were also subjected to the new nebulization technique, which saves up to 70% of water in fibre treatment.

Thanks to the new technological processes, in fact, it is now possible to obtain surprising results in the processing and finishing of the fabrics, without resorting to chemical preparations and with a reduced consumption of natural resources. The final result is a product of tendency, of valuable quality and aesthetically identical to one traditionally worked. The collection is available in stores from mid-April.