It is a fairy casket nestled among the Roman hills. An old garage made of exposed bricks and turned into a craftsman’s workshop. It is here that Maila Ferlisi and Rachele Mancini create their bags, small works of art handcrafted and embroidered on loom. In the era of fast-fashion, where everything lasts the space of a post, the story of Maila and Rachel is a hymn to beauty, patience and knowing how to do.

The “Charlotte” model

In 2013 both attend the Koefia Academy in Rome, the tune is immediate and from that happy encounter comes Hibourama, the fusion of their names with the word French “Hibou”, owl. A line of jewel bags made in Italy. Unique pieces but very democratic in price, where the two designers experience not only the ability of Maila in embroidery, but also modern techniques such as 3D printing or the texture of gold leaf.

The “Cleo” model

Hibourama was born a bit for passion and a bit by chance. During a handicraft market, Maila and Rachel have presented, almost for fun, a fifty pochette. The bags got a big hit, so much to push them to concretize their ideas in a brand.

The phases of the work are articulated, you proceed in small steps, without haste. It starts from a prototype, which is positioned on the frame to decide where to intervene and only after having established shape, size and color of embroidery, is sent to production. Around Hibourama it rotates a small galaxy of skilled craftsmen, especially of the Neapolitan district, which, with expertise, transform the ideas of Maila and Rachel into highly demanded models, even abroad.

The “Tiffany” model