Once upon a time there was a father with so much imagination and very patient… A father who to put his girls to sleep was telling a different story every night. It is from the tales of her childhood that Giulia Burrascano takes the inspiration to create her puppets.

There is Girolamo the rabbit, Peppe the elephant and Mauro the dinosaur. They are all derived from the fabric scraps coming from the fashion companies. Giulia creates the first puppet for fun, as a gift to friends who become moms.

The characters of her fairy tales take shape one by one, giving birth to a collection of seahorses, octopus and whales, just to name a few. Colourful and entertaining, they are different from each other since the assembled remnants change from season to season.

What was just a hobby turns into a brand, Piupazzi, and the curiosity around the fairy world of Giulia begins to grow. The whisper on social media does the rest and she finds herself doing the nights to evade orders.

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With needle and thread, patient, she assembles every ragdoll. Every time it’s like creating a small world, through the memories of her childhood. A childhood made of colors and enchanted characters, nights spent fantasizing, laughter and cheerfulness.

As she loves to repeat herself, we are the sum of our past and what we want to build. And her world is a sustainable one, made of patchwork fabrics. A puzzle of all different pieces that fit perfectly.