Thinking outside the box is what allows us to find original solutions and apply them to trivial objects. In the Eighties Alain Mikli changed the world of eyewear, using unusual shapes and colors of Armenian tradition. In 2015, thirty years after Mikli’s subversive approach, Fakbyfak imposed itself on general attention as the first Russian brand specializing in high-end eyewear.

From Russia with love

The story of Fakbyfak is the story of Alex and Roman, who in 2013 have co-founded and developed their first eyewear project, Fakoshima. But it is in the late 2016 that the brand is relaunched, Alex and Roman choose a new road, difficult to go, risky. In an area where change is always functional to the tastes of the market, the two designers openly stand against the prevailing diktat and blow up the bench.

Fakbyfak is beyond the normal idea that we can have about glasses. It is abstract but concrete, it is a concept but it is tangible, it is something that has yet to come but it is already present. The desire to undermine stereotypes, to break the clichés, to change the rules and the boundaries of the game, is concretized in a collection that exceeds trends and becomes a design object, modern, contemporary, crystallised in the present but tremendously projected into the future.

The Aviator model can be worn upside down

Telling a story

Fakbyfak goes beyond the concept of eyewear, is much more than a brand, is a way of telling “visual stories“, to create, through objects of common use, aesthetic codes and new meanings. Alex and Roman have repeatedly stated that they want to develop recognizable models, to meet the needs of an increasingly cultured audience with its own individuality, inclined to buy a distinctive element more than a logo.

Designing spectacles that hit the imagination, creating new expressive codes, basing technology with artisan craftsmanship, choosing the past as a way to the future. An experimental approach that led Fakbyfak to collaborate with some of the most innovative fashion designers such as the Indian Manish Arora and the Belgian Walter van Beirendonck.

Choosen by Celebs

It is no coincidence that Fakbyfak glasses have become iconic objects for celebs such as Tilda Swinton, Beyoncé, U2, Rita Ora and Roisin Murphy who chose them as a scenic feature of her last world tour. Sold in the main luxury e-commerce portals and in the essai concept stores, they are developed on three different types of products: Casual, Fashion and Couture.

The Casual line is composed of beautiful models, convenient and wearable, perfect for those looking for an accessory that characterizes them but without excesses. The Fashion collection is the heart of the brand, made from unusual and iconic pieces but portable. Couture, finally, is designed for trendsetters, its models are eccentric, without limits, outside the box.