The country of records

It is one of the most populous countries in the world and, with its almost 10 million square kilometers, it is also one of the most extensive. Yet China is not only a succession of megalopolis like Beijing and wonders like the Great Wall, pristine rainforests and endless deserts like the plains of the Gobi.

China is the country of records, a nation constantly seeking a balance between a whirling development and the need to preserve its millenarian traditions and its delicate ecosystem.

chinese fashion designers
F/FFFFFF is among new Chinese emerging fashion designers

A new generation of designers

Never as in this period the destinies of the Asian giant and Europe have intertwined. Yes, because if a real Chinese fashion didn’t exist until a decade ago, today the young designers of the “Rising Sun” are growing. They make their bones in European design schools and then return to their homeland, carrying a cultural background of Western inspiration but permeated by the glories of their culture

It is a new generation that advances, in search of stimuli and peculiar stylistic references. A generation influenced by Wstern taste, but more and more interested in experimenting and innovating by taking to full hands from history and traditions of their land.

It is not by chance that fashion designers like Chong Yu Jin or Shi Jie have managed the one to make the french grandeur coexist with the Chow Tai Fook  jewels of the Qing dynasty, the other the British style with the precious silks and the Chinese watercolors. It is no wonder that Lady Gaga has repeatedly worn the garments of Masha Ma and Rihanna those of Guo Pei.

Alex Storm presented his collection during last MFW

The enchanted city

A kind of boundless fashion, able to wander as far east as the west. And it is precisely the idea of the absence of borders the pillar of the project Xi’an Fashion Town, a citadel of fashion that will rise next to one of the oldest cities of China, Xi’an precisely.

The old and the new to give life to a “style ecosystem”. Presented exclusively in February, during the Milan Fashion Week, Xi’an will become a hi-tech location of about 3 square km, where local and international talents will have the opportunity to develop and promote their ideas.

More than an urban project, Xi’an Fashion Town is a human project, where the spatio-temporal boundaries are annulled and the expressions of the different cultures are placed. A physical and virtual space where users can get in touch and share ideas, knowledge and know-how, in an incessant reciprocal exchange. An ambitious project that promotes value by putting people at the center.